Dolphin SL

Embassy continues its reputation for innovation with the Dolphin SL™. It’s revolutionary floorplan allows for two separate sleeping areas, one of which converts into a desk or extended countertop area. It’s ideal for travelers who prefer or need to sleep separately. It also features the largest storage capacity of any Embassy vehicle.

Embassy Dolphin SL


Separate Sleeper Concept

Even the closest couples sometimes like to sleep separately. And most business partners aren’t that close to begin with. The Embassy® Dolphin SL™ provides two separate sleeping areas: one as a telescoping sofa bed in front and an convertible platform bed in back.

The two sleeping areas are far enough apart to ensure you won’t disturb anyone who decides to turn in early or sleep in late.

Telescoping Sofa Bed

Located in the front section of the cabin, the Embassy telescoping sofa bed is easy for anyone to set up in about 20 seconds. The bed platform glides out with a simple pull. The three triple-density foam cushions are easily laid into place to create a comfortable 45” x 69” sleeping space.

View a brief video of the telescoping sofa bed in action.

Convertible Platform Bed

Located in the rear section of the vehicle, this platform bed is more than meets the eye. The 48” x 72″ sleeping space features four, removable triple-density foam cushions supported by two rigid removable platforms that span the lower storage area. Rearrange the cushions and platforms to create a convertible workspace.

Convertible Workspace

People are working away from the office more and more these days. The rear bed platform converts into a table height desk or expanded kitchen countertop area providing travelers with more room to spread out and get things done. Find new creative energy, inspiration, or tranquility just by opening the back doors.

Even More Storage

All Embassy Class B RVs have been configured to provide more storage than any other vehicle in its class. The Dolphin SL takes storage to the max!

In addition to our standard cabinets and overhead bins, the Embassy® Dolphin SL™ features a large ( 41”w x 27”h x 48”d ) storage area underneath the rear platform bed for multiple storage bins or even folding electric bikes. Two additional cubby holes are also located on either side of the platform.

Lithium Battery

Our UL approved, Lithium-ion battery system will operate the electrical features of your vehicle for days at a time and can be fully recharged with the vehicle’s engine. Options include an advanced battery management system with Bluetooth™ connectivity for monitoring.

Embassy Custom
Venting System

Our custom 12v 4 vent system is unlike any other in the RV industry. Instead of a conventional roof-mounted RV vent, we use 4 vents 2-in and 2-out that draw fresh air in on the passenger side and expel air out on the drivers side without a single hole in the roof. This keeps us looking STEALTH and a roofline free of anything mounted on it or through it.

Each vent is rated for 50,000 hours and are around 90cfm of airflow on hi. They Draw about 1.5adc on hi and all 4 only draw 1.5adc on 1/4 speed, which is where you will be most of the time. You can leave them on for over 400 hours without effecting our standard 630ah lithium battery or for over 600 hours using our optional 920ah lithium battery. Which is great for owners with pets.

Embassy Dolphin SL

Additional Features

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Galley Sink & Countertop

Our galley is equipped with a large stainless steel sink, a beautiful high-quality fixture and a countertop with drip lip edging. It’s large and deep enough to help with both cooking and clean up. Our countertops bring the luxury and strength of Corain™ out on the road with you. The cabinets underneath store a wastebasket and our water purification system.


All Embassy Class B RVs are equipped with a microwave oven that will cook your meals while keeping vehicle battery use to a minimum. It’s positioned overhead and out of the way to free up valuable counter space.

Soft, Adjustable LED Lighting

You shouldn’t have to choose between seeing clearly and creating a mood. The fully adjustable, soft LED lighting system ensures you can create whatever lighting is necessary or desired whether it’s bright light to read by or low light to help you unwind and relax.

Embassy Dolphin SL


The innovative and efficient floorpan design of the Embassy Traveler DUO is built exclusively on the Ford Transit chassis.

  1. Telescoping sofa bed ( 45″ x 69″ )
  2. Free-standing movable table
  3. 28″ HDTV with swing-out bracket
  4. Overhead storage cabinets (dashed lines)
  5. Sliding privacy pocket doors
  6. In floor shower pan with drains
  7. Dry-flush toliet by Laveo™
  8. Convertible vanity with lighted mirror
  9. Handheld shower and water controls
  10. Overhead microwave (1.1cf)
  11. Marine composite countertops
  12. Sink – stainless steel 16x18x8 w/brass core fixture
  13. Wardrobe cabinet with closet rod
  14. Linen closet with with 4 drawers (soft-close)
  15. Table storage
  16. 6.8 cf. Refrigerator-Freezer (12v dual comp.)
  17. Pantry cabinet with 4 drawers (soft-close)
  18. Open storage area ( 41″w x 27″h x 48″d )
  19. Convertible platform bed ( 48″ x 72″ )
  20. Optional easy-open rear porch with tent

You can count on Embassy to perform dependably for years to come.

Embassy Dolphin SL | Class B RV

Ford Transit Chassis

The Embassy Dolphin SL is built exclusively on the Ford Transit Chassis.
Talk with an Embassy representative today to discuss specific chassis features, options, and availability.

Ford Transit


350 – Length 22’2”
Ex. Long, High Roof 9500 GVWR

Embassy Dolphin SL


The Embassy® Dolphin SL™ is offered with the following standard and optional equipment.
Call us today with any questions you may have. We’re standing by ready to help


  • Cabinet – Linen closet with 4 soft-close drawers
  • Cabinet – Pantry with 4 soft-close drawers
  • Cabinet – Wardrobe with closet rod
  • Cabinets – Overhead with hidden push latches
  • Doors – Black or white marine plastic
  • Overhead lock-box
  • Roll-up shades, pleated w/blackout
  • Telescoping sofa bed ( 45″ x 69″ )
  • Convertible platform bed ( 48″ x 72″ )
  • Sofa slip covers (marine vinyl)
  • Table (free-standing, movable)
  • Window covers (magnetic) rear, front, and windshield


  • Countertop w/drip lip Corean™
  • Faucet – Bar Style (Brass)
  • Microwave (standard)
  • Refrigerator/Freezer 12v)
  • Sink – Stainless Steel, 16″x18″x8″
  • Waste basket (under the sink)


  • Embassy® Zone™ Water Filtration System
  • Water heater (hydronic) – Tankless
  • Water tanks – Fresh/gray collapsible – 23.5gal.
  • Water pump


  • Shower – custom with 1 drain in floor
  • Toilet – Dry Flush by Laveo™ with 6 cartridges
  • Vanity pivoting mirror with LED lights


  • Smart HDTV – 28” (with swing-out bracket)
  • Blu-ray player (Sony™ with JBL™ Stereo)
  • Game connections HDMI
  • Charge center 2 USB 12v


  • Lights – LED ceiling (dimmable)
  • Lights – LED porch (dimmable)
  • Lights – LED reading (dimmable)
  • Lights – LED vanity (dimmable)
  • Switch panels (integrated)


  • UL Approved Lithium Ion Battery
  • Battery disconnect
  • Battery Management System
  • Breaker panel 110v
  • Fuse panel 12v
  • Inverter – 3000w (6000w peak) with 160amp charger

Heat / Cool

  • Air conditioner 20,000 BTU roof mount 12V DC
  • Heat Air/On demand water heater (Hydronic) tankless


  • All marine vinyl walls/ceilings
  • Flooring – Congoleum™ 10 year
  • Floor mats – woven vinyl (optional)
  • Composite fiberglass sub-floor
  • Insulation – 8 layer aircraft style


  • Back-Up Camera on Rearview Mirror
  • Cord and inlet – 30a Smart plug w/25’ cord & adapter
  • Grey drain (Custom)
  • Lights LED running boards
  • Running boards ( custom , bed liner sprayed)
  • 280a additional alternator (optional)

Porch / Tent

  • EMBASSY® CABANA™ (optional)
  • EMBASSY® Porch step w/handrail (optional)

Embassy Dolphin SL



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