Dolphin SS

The Embassy® Dolphin SS™ offers you all the quality and innovation you expect from our vehicles at a lower price. Built exclusively on the Ford Transit chassis, the unique floor plan and exciting special features make this vehicle a great choice for tailgate and campsite entertaining as well as weekend adventure getaways.

Embassy Dolphin SS



You want an open concept layout for your home, you shouldn’t have to settle for less in your class B. The seating, sleeping, and galley areas of the Embassy Dolphins are positioned upfront. The cabinets, bathroom, and storage areas are grouped together in back for the most efficient use of space. The Swing out TV pictured here is an additional option. Standard TV is a 32″ Hide-away that drops down from the ceiling.

Sofa Bed

The Powered Sofa Bed System easily converts into a comfortable bed in just a few seconds. No need for a complicated reconfiguration of the cabin area. Just touch the sofa control on touchscreen to convert the sofa into your bed, and you’re ready for lights out.


Every cubic inch of the Embassy Class B RV has been efficiently divided and configured to provide more storage than any other vehicle in its class.

The Embassy Traveler features a pantry cabinet (5 drawers) linen cabinet (5 drawers) wardrobe cabinet (w/closet rod) table storage, and airline-style overhead bins throughout the vehicle.

You can count on Embassy to perform dependably for years to come.

Powerful Lithium
Ion Batteries

Our UL approved, Lithium-ion battery system will operate the electrical features of your vehicle for days at a time and can be fully recharged with the vehicle’s engine. Options include an advanced battery management system with Bluetooth™ connectivity for monitoring.

Embassy Custom
Venting System

Our custom 12v 4 vent system is unlike any other in the RV industry. Instead of a conventional roof-mounted RV vent, we use 4 vents 2-in and 2-out that draw fresh air in on the passenger side and expel air out on the drivers side without a single hole in the roof. This keeps us looking STEALTH and a roofline free of anything mounted on it or through it.

Each vent is rated for 50,000 hours and are around 90cfm of airflow on hi. They Draw about 1.5adc on hi and all 4 only draw 1.5adc on 1/4 speed, which is where you will be most of the time. You can leave them on for over 400 hours without effecting our standard 630ah lithium battery or for over 600 hours using our optional 920ah lithium battery. Which is great for owners with pets.

32” Hide-Away

Folding down from it’s hidden ceiling compartment is the largest HDTV in its class. Includes Samsung® smart features and Sony Blu-ray™ player. HDMI connections for game systems are easily accessible. There is an option to add an additional Swing out TV over the counter.

Embassy Class B RV

Additional Features

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Galley Sink &

Our galley is equipped with a large stainless steel sink, a beautiful high-quality fixture and a countertop with drip lip edging. It’s large and deep enough to help with both cooking and clean up. Our countertops bring the luxury and strength of Corain™ out on the road with you. The cabinets underneath store a wastebasket and our water purification system.


All Embassy Class B RVs are equipped with a microwave oven that will cook your meals while keeping vehicle battery use to a minimum. It’s positioned overhead and out of the way to free up valuable counter space.

Soft, Adjustable
LED Lighting

You shouldn’t have to choose between seeing clearly and creating a mood. The fully adjustable, soft LED lighting system ensures you can create whatever lighting is necessary or desired—whether it’s bright light to read by or low light to help you unwind and relax.