2023 Class B RV

This Changes Everything

The Embassy® Class B RV is a self-contained masterpiece of efficiency and design.
Made of superior materials and technology, it’s built to last and ready to roll.

With Zero Wood
in Our RV’s and
RV Innovation
Inside & Out

We’ve never been satisfied with the status quo. Our passion for innovation has always driven us to improve things wherever we see the opportunity. We’ve analyzed the most common faults and failures of other recreational vehicles and built something entirely different from the ground up.

We truly believe you won’t find a better built, higher quality class b camper van. We invite you to experience Embassy innovation for yourself today.

Embassy Class B RV

The Embassy Advantage

In order to stand out you have to set yourself apart in a way that truly makes difference. At Embassy we’ve completely rethought how Class B vehicles are designed, built and used. We believe that once you’ve discovered our advantages and compared our vehicles to the competition you’ll be ready to buy an Embassy.

Quality & Value

By using high-quality materials and components, we create an overall better value for our customers. Things last longer, operate as designed, and allow you to enjoy your RV for many more years to come.

With over 30 years of experience building commercial vehicles and satisfied customers nationwide, we’ve got a track record that speaks for itself.

Built to Last

Many RV manufacturers are concerned more about the speed of production than the long-term quality of the vehicle. When you spend your hard-earned money on a Class B RV you should expect it to last.

We take the time to carefully craft each Embassy Class B RV to make sure it’s right before it goes out the door. You can count on your vehicle to perform dependably while you’re out enjoying yourself for years to come.

Easy to SErvice

We know all vehicles will need service from time to time. Embassy RV has designed our vehicles with ease of service in mind.

Easy access to major systems means less time and trouble when servicing. Using high quality, commercially available components whenever possible means it’s easier to find the parts for repairs, even out on the road.

Go Small, Live Large

Scott Watson

Embassy has partnered with Scott Watson of Go Small Live Large to help potential customers get a Class B expert opinion about our innovation and quality. Visit his website and YouTube channel and follow Scott on his travels.